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Our vision

i-NiX was founded in 2010 , with the corporate objective of delivering value, quality, and innovation in consumer electronics products.
i-NiX steadily built consumer brand equities through an ever-evolving product line and by staying true to the company's core idea and objective of delivering consumer value. This simple business objective still remains true today as i-NiX aims to evolve into a world class brand.

Our Future

Now, as a key player in the Tablet PC & Bluetooth Speakers, i-NiX in its short history in the consumer electronics industry, 
i-NiX has experienced rapid growth and significant changes in its product offerings. Regardles of what the future may hold, one thing is certain – i-NiX will be continually expanding into new product lines from its core strengths, while always standing firmly by its vision of producing high quality products, to our consumers.